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Communications Manager

Before I started working for STC, I had no idea that a vast network of writers and communicators existed behind virtually every product in existence, from computer programs to military airplanes. In a world of increasingly complex and interconnected technologies, technical communicators are essential to making sense of it all. But the same people that make that new phone, operating system, or IKEA chair easy to use need networking, education, and a knowledge base to make their jobs easier. That’s where STC comes in. As a Communications Manager serving a society of professional communicators, I know that I must always communicate STC’s value clearly. In this way, our members encourage me to be better. After several years in the for-profit sector, I am excited to be working in the nonprofit sphere. Although not a technical communicator by training, I have an extensive writing background, and I come from a family of writers and editors. Before joining STC, I earned a master’s degree in American Literature from Georgetown University. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, playing jazz saxophone, watching hockey, creative writing, and voraciously reading books and graphic novels.