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The Leadership Resources page provides essential information for STC communities. On this page, you should find documents from Leadership Program, as well as STC policies, handbooks, sample community documents, and templates. Links to previously recorded leadership webinars are also included.

New leaders can find information to help them do their STC jobs, and experienced leaders can find new information to help them provide more value to their communities.


The STC Community Handbook was updated in May 2017. Documents related to sections of the handbook can be found on this page.

Click here to download the Handbook in PDF form.


Providing and Marketing High-Value Programs and Events (4/29/2014)
PDF slides

Using Eventbrite to Manage Your Event Registration (4/13/16)
PDF slides

Using Meetup with Your Community Webinar (4/23/2016)

PDF slides

Planning for a Year (In a Weekend) (7/9/2016)
PDF slides

Recruiting New Volunteers (7/22/2016)
Brzovic slides / Woelk slides

Quick(en) and Easy Budgeting (9/8/2016)
PDF slides

Your Community At Its Best: Building and Keeping Strong Leadership Teams (1/20/2017)
PDF slides

You Too Can Easily Start a YouTube Channel for Your STC Chapter (3/24/2017)
PDF slides

Surely You Can't Be Serious…About Surveys (7/28/2017)
PDF slides

Great Programming for All of Us! Community Collaboration and Virtual Events (8/25/17)
PDF slides

Event Planning 101 (8/25/17)
PDF slides

Community Budgeting (10/17/18)
Recording / PDF slides

Community Achievement and Pacesetter Awards (11/28/18)
Recording / PDF slides

The Basics of WordPress: Mastering Your Website and cPanel (06/01/18)




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