For your pioneering work in the education of social media and social networking and the giving of your time and expertise to all levels of the technical communication communities and for your exemplary work in the student community.

Robert Rhyne Armstrong is director of documentation at RouteMatch Software. He has 19 years’ experience in the technical communication field, often moving from the core discipline of technical writing to the outlying roles of corporate communication, product marketing, and user experience design. Over the last several years, Rhyne has consulted on social media and social networking strategies for several organizations and individuals, and often dives head-first into emerging technologies and communication trends. He is a senior member of STC, serving on the Community Affairs Committee and on the leadership council of the Atlanta Chapter. Rhyne resides in Alpharetta, GA, where he spends most of his time shuttling any of his four kids to soccer, ballet, or gymnastics. He is a rabid soccer fan, a youth athletics coach, and a follower and alumnus of the University of South Carolina.