For generous and sustained service to the Chicago Chapter as a mentor and chapter leader, for dedication to the Technical Communication Summit through conference and program committee service, and for leadership in the technical communication and content strategy communities.

Chris Hester became interested in technology when programming involved 8-inch disks and gaming was all about playing Pong. Later, she earned a BS in English from Illinois State University, and then completed her MA in English at Bowling Green State University, focusing on technical communication and information systems. Her undergraduate and graduate internships with Argonne National Laboratory focused on Internet-related projects, long before the introduction of browsers. Her first position after graduation was with a technology consulting firm, where she found herself immersed in Internet and early Web technologies. Since then, she has continued to work in high-tech environments, helping organizations fine-tune their content and communication messages for both employees and customers.

Chris believes collaboration and communication are critical tools for relationships, and she thrives on learning and sharing new technologies. These themes are evident throughout her career and her service to STC. In addition to serving STC in multiple roles, she participates in a variety of professional and personal organizations.

Chris joined STC in 1987. She has served the Chicago Metro Chapter in a variety of roles, including president in 2006–2007. Currently, she is the conference chair for the 2014 STC Technical Communication Summit.