For academic research in the field of technical communication focused on the role information technology plays in globalizing best practices in technical communication and publishing extensively on your findings, and for bringing together members of different professional societies to foster inter-organizational collaboration.

Kirk St.Amant is a professor of technical and professional communication and of international studies at East Carolina University, where he directs the university’s graduate program in international studies. He has a background in technical communication, cultural anthropology, and international government, and he has taught online and on-site courses in technical and professional communication and in intercultural communication for a number of different U.S. universities.

Kirk has worked on international projects for companies such as Medtronic, VERITAS Software, the Braun Corporation, and Unisys, and for nonprofit organizations such as the Humanitarian Demining Information Center. Kirk has also taught courses in e-commerce, distance education, and business communication in Ukraine with the USAID-sponsored Consortium for the Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education and has engaged in collaborative online and onsite teaching with international partners such as the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark, the Aalto University School of Economics in Finland, and the University of Belize.