For strong dedication and commitment to STC at all levels and to the profession of technical communication and its practitioners through myriad presentations and training events, and for advocating for global awareness within the Society.

Leah Guren entered the field of technical communication in 1980. Over the years, she has been a writer, editor, tech pubs manager, Help author, trainer, and usability consultant, primarily in the software sector. In 2008, Leah founded her own company, Cow TC, to focus on training and usability consulting to leading high-tech and biotech companies around the world.

Leah is mostly known as an enthusiastic teacher and presenter. Through her courses and seminars, Leah has instructed thousands of people. Her TechComm 101 class was a pioneer online course for STC, built on her years of experience teaching courses that prepared people to enter this field. Leah pushes her students to understand and apply theory and to be true advocates for the user. Her humor and her practical, real-life tips make her an always-popular speaker at the STC Summit and other international technical communication conferences.

Leah’s interest in usability led to her research in BDBL (bidirectional bilingual) content. Her findings, first published at the European Information Design Conference in 2005, were one of the first focusing on the issue of websites containing both Hebrew and English.

In 2010, Leah was selected as an industry leader to participate in a joint Israeli-Palestinian high-tech initiative. The program, funded in part by Cisco, was designed to help Palestinian hightech start-ups learn better technical and business practices.

Through her service to STC at the Society level, Leah has been an unflagging advocate for global awareness. She has helped the Society adapt to the needs of members and communities outside of North America and to become a truly international organization.