For excellence in designing and writing documentation that focuses on serving the customer, for guiding and inspiring colleagues, and for consistently setting a high standard of professionalism.

Rebecca C. Hall has worked in technical communication since she first realized that a technical note helped reduce repeat calls to technical support while providing easy instruction for the customer back in 1986. Eventually moving from software development to full-time technical communication, Rebecca has always worked to provide the right information in the right format for the end user, whether through written documentation, online help, eLearning, or face-to-face instruction. Rebecca started Rebecca C. Hall Consulting in 1995.

A BA in philosophy is the perfect background for logically assessing the needs of a variety of individuals and vertical markets. One-on-one mentoring from an STC Fellow, Susan Feinberg, was instrumental in driving Rebecca’s efforts to improve her skills and provide her clients with the documentation that met their needs and gave the end user the skills they needed to do their real work.

After a brief stint in the SIGDOC arm of ACM, Rebecca joined STC when she attended the 1994 conference. Membership led to attending chapter meetings, which led to leadership roles, including chapter president. Inspired to contribute in other ways, Rebecca has presented at several chapters and numerous STC conferences.

While most of Rebecca’s clients are in the software industry (either developing software or implementing a customized version of a large product), she has extended her skills into the local community, serving over the years on multiple boards in her current home town of West Chicago, IL. Newsletters and cookbooks seem like small potatoes, but enrich the life of a community by creating connections in place and time.