Becoming an STC Fellow is a lifelong journey of achievement, an honor bestowed by the Society upon Associate Fellows who have continued to make exemplary contributions to the arts and science of technical communication, and for sustained and significant service to STC. These contributions involve significant achievements that advance the profession and its recognition.

To be considered for Fellow during the 2020 application period, a candidate must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Inducted as an Associate Fellow at or prior to the 2018 STC Summit
  • Member of the Society in good standing for at least 13 years
  • Active in the Technical Communication profession for at least 18 years

Elevation from the rank of Associate Fellow to Fellow is not an automatic progression. Successful candidates for Fellow must demonstrate career-long accomplishments in all categories of the application. Continuing excellence since becoming an Associate Fellow in an important factor, as are the depth and breadth of accomplishments over the span of a candidate’s career.

Each year, the Society invites Associate Fellows who meet the minimum requirements listed previously to present their credentials for review by the Fellows Nominating Committee. This committee, composed entirely of Fellows, considers carefully the accomplishments of Associate Fellows in the following areas:

  • Professional qualifications (academic and work experience)
  • Leadership in the Technical Communication profession
  • Publications and presentations
  • Honors and awards in Technical Communication
  • STC Society-level service
  • Involvement with other professional organizations

For more information about the selection criteria and guidance for the application process, please refer to the following documents:

Each year, the STC Fellows Committee considers the qualifications, contributions, and achievements of Associate Fellows who submit their credentials to the committee for review, and then submits recommendations for Fellow to the STC Board of Directors. Upon a two-thirds majority vote of the board, the rank of Fellow is conferred upon a recommended Associate Fellow. The Society takes enormous pride in recognizing these Fellows at the STC Summit following the vote of the board.

Nominations due date: 1 November 2020

Committee members:

Staff Liaison: Elaine Gilliam