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Free live programs:

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Monday, 31 January 2022,  1:00 PM ET
Certificates, Certification, and Academic Degrees KnowledgeXchange Panel Discussion

Moderator: Liz Pohland, STC CEO
Panelists: Craig Baehr, Susan M. Lang, Lisa Meloncon

Description: The educational opportunities available within technical communication can be overwhelming. In this webinar, panelists will define the differences between certificates, certification, and academic degrees, and why and when to pursue one over another. If you've decided to further your education, but you're not sure what type of program is right for you, understanding the differences between a degree, a professional certificate, and a certification can help ensure that your investment in your future aligns with your ultimate goals. KnowledgeXchange is a new STC program where participants can participate in a moderated panel with seasoned TechComm professionals who will answer the most common questions we get asked about the industry and what you need to know to start your career as a techcomm professional.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2022,  1:00 PM ET
So You Want to Be A Technical Writer? 5 Things to Focus On

Speakers: Guiseppe Getto, Christina Mayr

Description: Technical writer is the job that many in tech comm start at. It is a bridge to the rest of the field. Based on our combined experience mentoring scores of new technical writers, we have found that there are five keys to becoming a successful technical writer: learning what tech comm is, learning skill sets, learning tools, networking, and creating a portfolio. If you master these five activities, you’ll be able to launch a successful career as a technical writer. If you don’t, you probably will struggle to find steady employment in the field. Join us for a webinar to learn how you can apply these activities to your own career.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2022,  12:00 PM ET
How to Prepare a Manuscript for STC's Technical Communication

Speaker: Miriam F. Williams

Description: STC’s research journal, Technical Communication, publishes the following types of articles:

  • Reports of original research on technical communication topics
  • Original contributions to technical communication theory
  • Case studies of issues or problems addressed by technical communication
  • Tutorials on technical communication processes or procedures that respond to new laws, standards, requirements, techniques, or technologies
  • Reviews of research, bibliographies, and bibliographic essays on technical communication

This webinar will introduce you to the types of articles the journal publishes and our manual preparation, submission, and review procedures.

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Thursday, 3 February 2022,  5:00 PM ET
Certification Chat Open House

Moderators: Craig Baehr, CPTC Chief Examiner, Erin Gallalee STC Director of Membership, Liz Pohland, STC CEO

Description: Join us for a live discussion forum on STC's Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) certification program.

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Friday, 4 February 2022,  3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET
TechComm Week Slack Meet-Up

Moderators: Erin Gallalee STC Director of Membership, Liz Pohland, STC CEO
Description: Join the STC staff and our participants in Tech Comm week live in Slack as we answer your questions about STC membership, tech comm, and CPTC

Current User of STC's Slack Workspace: Open Slack, add the channel #techcommweek, and join the conversation!

New to Slack/STC's Workspace: Download Slack & join STC's Workspace, add the channel #techcommweek, and join the conversation!

Additional Resources available to you:

Throughout the week, STC will be launching new resources and programs daily and these will be available only for a limited time. Be sure to check back regularly to take advantage of all Tech Comm Week has to offer!

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STC has made the November 2021 special issue, “Storytelling in Technical Communication,” available as a complimentary issue to all who request it during #TechCommWeek.  Learn about the importance of storytelling in our practice, research, and teaching. Complete this form to receive the download.

How Professional Certification Can Boost Your Career – STC's Notebook blog

By Craig Baehr, CPTC Chief Examiner

Objectively demonstrate your expertise and skills, regardless of your career level, specialization, or professional goals.

How to get started in a Technical Communication career – APMG International blog

Liz Herman shares her journey into Technical Communication and why she is such a huge advocate.

A Day in the Life of a TC Professional – presented by AMPG International

In this episode, STC member Liz Herman shares her passion for Knowledge Management and the Technical Communication role and community.

Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) Candidate Showcase – APMG International blog

STC member Anne Hempy shares her feedback on CPTC training and certification.

Ten top tips for passing the CPTC Foundation exam – APMG International blog

Ben Woelk trainer and practitioner of Technical Communication provides ten top tips for passing the CPTC Foundation certification exam.

Technical Communication in Enterprise – Implementing Best Practice

Podcast with Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International and Timothy Esposito, STC member and Board Secretary.

APMG's guest in this episode of their podcast is STC member Timothy Esposito, who talks about implementing best practice Technical Communication at Oracle.

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