This page is intended for eligible CPTC candidates. You should have already received your application approval letter, candidate ID number, and submission site login information. If you have not, please email the Certification Commission.

Next Steps for Certification Candidates

  1. Download the candidate instructions.
  2. Following the candidate instructions, prepare your submission packet in PDF format. You have one year from the date of your notification letter to upload your packet to the submission website.
  3. Once you have uploaded all the sections of your submission packet, we will evaluate all packets in two batches (Feburary and August 2014) and alert you of the results after the batches are complete.
    • If your packet meets or exceeds the minimum level of competency established by the STC Certification Commission, you will be awarded certification.
    • If your packet does not meet or exceed the minimum level of competency, you will receive feedback on areas in which the standard is not met, so that you can improve your packet and presentation of those areas and resubmit at a later date, if you wish.

Tips on Preparing Your Submission Packet

  • The tool you use to create your submissions is not important. Evaluators are looking for content, not format. However, you must submit your packet as PDF files, one file per section. Take the same care in preparing your submission packet as you would for any client-facing document.
  • Where maximum page counts are given, they are requirements. There is no minimum page count; use your judgment as to how much is necessary and sufficient to satisfy the question. Responses and samples longer than the requirements will not be accepted.
  • Do not use your name anywhere in your submission packet, including in file metadata. To identify the sections of your submission packet, use the following as a footer.
    Page # Section #
    Restart the page count in each section.
  • If necessary, you are free to obscure or remove references to your employer, product, or client. (This is not a requirement, but we do not need any of this information to assess your submission.) Do not forget to remove identifying information such as document part numbers and art file numbers. If you have the source files, you can globally search for and replace the references; if you only have PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Professional includes an effective redaction procedure. (See the Adobe Acrobat documentation for information on how to do this.)
  • If you copy and paste material created in Microsoft Word, check to see if variables and bookmarks copy over as you intend. A sample marred by “Bookmark not defined” errors may distract evaluators. If necessary, convert variables and bookmarks to text or overwrite them with appropriate values.
  • PDF output is required. Submission packet filenames should include your candidate ID and the section number; for example, C000001Section1.pdf. When making the output file, be sure to remove identifying metadata. (See the Adobe Acrobat documentation for information on how to do this.)
  • Your submission packet must consist of one PDF file per section. If you include samples or other material as part of a section, combine them into one file for the section.

If you have any questions about the candidate instructions or the process of certification, contact the Commission.