Welcome to STC’s Notebook!

The Society for Technical Communication welcomes you to its newest publication: STC’s Notebook. This blog will house relevant information for STC members and those interested in technical communication. New stories and articles will be added frequently and the blog will grow and change to meet the Society’s needs. The blog will replace News & Notes, but all of the articles historically captured in the newsletter will now be posted in a timelier manner to ensure up-to-date information delivery. STC’s Notebook will function as a consistent stream of information about and for the Society. Please feel free to comment on posts and participate in this social media platform. Visit STC’s Notebook for upcoming articles and posts, and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to receive notices of new blog postings.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. 🙂 Good move. Not only is it a great communication channel, it’s also fun – at least, I hope the office (Tara?) finds it to be fun.
    I agree with one suggestion from France – move the navigation to the right side. The first thing you see is not the main content on the page – but it should be. If the browser is reduced in size, you see even less.

  2. Have you thought of adding a link to the blog on the STC site? I found out about this by reading someone else’s blog! No sign of it on the STC home page.

  3. Congratulations on the new WordPress blog style site. I think it’s a great idea. Some people have recommended linking this blog to the main STC web site. I would suggest going further – making this blog style site the main STC site. You could add additional static pages for general information and, after a suitable log-in step, for member information as well.
    (I have recently switched my own web site to a WordPress powered site and incorporated my blog into it. It’s easier for me to maintain one site rather than two, and I hope it will also be easier for my clients and readers of my blog.)

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