STC Launches Online Buyers Guide & Consultant Directory

Looking for special software or other tools to do your tech comm job better? Check the STC website for its newest addition—an online buyers guide which also lists technical communication consultants. In addition to companies that provide products and services, the names and contact info of more than 650 technical communicators are listed who undertake single projects, ongoing programs, or perform contract work. Many of the listings include a 50-word description summarizing the individual’s strengths and expertise. Access is free for both members and nonmembers. The Guide & Directory is fully searchable and presented in PDF format for your convenience in viewing.


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  1. Very nice!

    I’m not too sure about “…presented in PDF format for your convenience in viewing.” IMHO PDFs are for convenience in *printing* — not online viewing. Is the guide available online in HTML?

  2. I don’t believe PDF was the right choice for delivering this directory. While the PDF is searchable using Acrobat’s Find utility (not available for many mobile users, FYI) the PDF itself is not SEOed, which is very bad given the type of document and its open availability. If STC cannot deliver the directory in a format other than PDF, it should at minimum replace the posted version with one that has been search engine optimized. Immediately.

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