STC has extended the deadline and adjusted the qualifications for both their Full Recovery Package and the Subsidy Recovery Package. Previously, the Full Recovery Package required members to be “unemployed, on medical disability, or underemployed (less than 15 hours per week) since 30 June 2009”; that has been changed to “since 30 September 2009.” STC has also added “Are having major financial difficulties or unemployment challenges” to the list of qualifications. In addition to those changes, the deadline has been extended to 5 PM EST (GMT-5) on Tuesday 19 January. Members who applied by the initial 31 December deadline will be judged together in one group, with later applicants being judged together as well. If you applied for a Subsidy Recovery Package by 31 December but feel you are now eligible for the Full Recovery Package, you should receive an email from Julia O’Connor that will allow you to change your application. For more details on the Recovery Packages, check the STC website. If you have any questions, please email Julia O’Connor.

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  1. Diana Ost

    I am curious. What are the reasons for changing the date and criteria? In case my membership base asks, I’d like to have an explanation. Our chapter meeting is next week. Thanks!

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  3. stc-office

    Thanks for the question, Diana. We extended the deadline and expanded the qualifications to open it up to even more members in need, as the initial applications were lower than we expected. Rather than award fewer subsidies, we decided to invite more people to apply. And as stated in the blog, anyone who applied by the initial deadline will be judged in one group, while members applying under this second set of qualifications will be judged in a second group.

  4. Peg Mulligan

    Thank you for extending the date and broadening the criteria. This is a great service to the technical writing community and a way to keep our professional society strong.

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