IMG_1533bFriday is competition day here at Stately STC Manor, and our conference room has turned into Competition HQ. We’re pleased to welcome Brian J. Lindgren, General Competitions Manager, and Preeti Mathur, Publications Manager, as they categorize and sort the entries for distribution to the judges. (Deanne Levander, Online Manager, was unable to attend.) The competion received over 100 entries, with Brian and Preeti spending the day hunkered down assigning the competitions to judge teams (save for a brief lunch at Jaipur, the wonderful Indian restaurant in the lobby of our building). “Considering the economy, we’re pleased with the number of entries,” Brian commented. “To see this level of support is gratifying.” Winners of the competitions will be announced at the 2010 Summit in Dallas, Texas, 2-5 May, which is also when Best of Show judging will take place. Our thanks to Brian and Preeti for their time and effort, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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