The Prez Dispenser: Blogging with Cindy Currie

pez-cindy-currieThe Summit is fast approaching and so is the end of my time as STC President. Someone asked me a few days ago how it feels to have things winding down. Hmmm … “winding down” isn’t how I would put it at all! Things are going to torque way up and then stop dead—at least by the time the Summit is over it will feel as if they’ve stopped dead.

Anyway, things are picking up speed right now big time as I prepare for my final board meeting as President (Friday, 30 April), the board workshop (Saturday, 1 May, where current and new leaders work on creating a good beginning to their close working relationships), Leadership Day (Sunday, 2 May), all the pageantry that is the opening of the Summit (Monday morning, 3 May), the Annual Business Meeting and STC Forum (Monday evening, 3 May) and the annual Honors Banquet (Tuesday, 4 May). And, of course, there will lots of lots of thanks to and recognition of those who helped row the boat (and bail!) during this perfect storm of a year, the singularly most difficult year in STC’s history.

Whew! I’m exhausted, but satisfied that STC is still here and beginning to move forward, albeit somewhat slower than anyone would like. We have weathered the storm and are looking forward to significant regeneration in the coming year. My sincere gratitude to those who have stood by STC and its leadership this year.

So, I hope to see you at the Summit—please look me up if you’re there! Each year I manage to meet (finally, face-to-face!) yet another person or two whom I’ve known for some time in cyberspace. I truly look forward to these meetings, and this year will be no exception.

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