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STC Announces New Associate Fellows and Fellows

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The highest honorary ranks awarded by the Society are Fellow and Associate Fellow. Below are lists of the outstanding members who will be recognized at the STC Summit in Sacramento this year as Fellows and Associate Fellows.

STC Associate Fellows are Senior Members who have attained distinction by doing important work in the field of technical communication, made significant contributions to the Society, or both. The rank of Fellow is the highest honor an STC member can receive and is awarded to Associate Fellows who have continued to excel in the field of technical communication. 

Congratulations to the newest Associate Fellows and Fellows! If you’d like to cheer on the honorees in person, be sure to buy a ticket for the Honors Banquet at the Summit when you register.

Associate Fellows
Maryann Bowen
Mark H. Clifford
Louellen Sue Coker
Donn R. DeBoard
Menno D.T. de Jong
Joseph J. Devney
Leah Guren
Rob Hanna
Chris Hester
Russel Hirst
Char James-Tanny
Mimi Jones
Steven Jong
Elisa Kaplan Miller
Carolyn Kelley Klinger
Elizabeth L. Kent
Meredith Blackwelder Kinder
Ed Marshall
Dorothy E. McDuffie
Paul Mueller
Naomi B. Robbins
Kirk St. Amant
Joe Welinske
Robert G. Young
Mark Zachry

Michael Albers
Nancy Coppola
Scott DeLoach
Elizabeth Frick
Manuel Gordon
Michael Harvey
Caroline Jarrett
Cheryl Landes
Brian Lindgren
Richard Mateosian

  • Congratulations to all of you! See you in Sacramento!

  • Congratulations to all the awardees! Looking forward to helping you celebrate at the Honors Banquet in Sacramento!

  • Congratulations one and all!

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth “Bette” Frick and the other honorees, and thank you for your contributions!

  • Congratulations to all new Associate Fellows and Fellows! I hope to congratulate you in person during the Summit in Sacramento. Thanks for all you do for STC.

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2011 Associate Fellows and Fellows! Your contributions to the field of technical communication have been inspiring!

  • Warm congratulations to everyone – and thanks for your contributions to the society.

  • The East Tennessee Chapter is proud to have two of our members on the Associate Fellow list–Russel Hirst and Dorothy McDuffie. We also send a shout out to Chris Hester, Chicago Chapter, who spoke at PCOC last October. We appreciate them and all the others on both lists for their contributions to the profession. You enrich our lives.

  • May I add Louellen Coker and Kirk St. Amant to that shout-out of thanks for speaking at PCOC? And these are just the newest names on the block. We appreciate all our speakers.

  • Rajini Prakash May 24, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    You are the creme de la creme!! Congratulations on your awards.

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