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Progressions at the 2012 Technical Communication Summit

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Guest post from Paul Mueller, 2012 Summit Conference Manager

The 2012 Technical Communication Summit Call for Proposals is open. We are looking forward to building a strong Summit program from the many excellent proposals we receive. We are also handling progressions differently this year. A progression is a session that includes up to 10 speakers presenting a topic at different tables throughout the room. Each topic involves a 10-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute discussion. Attendees can take part in three topics during the one-hour session.

In the past, progressions were often organized by SIG leaders based on topic ideas emailed to those leaders by SIG members. In some cases, some SIGs did not have enough topics to put together a strong progression, and in other cases the same topic was presented in multiple years.

To integrate the progressions more closely with the Summit program this year, all progression speakers need to submit their progression topic ideas through the Call for Proposals. These submissions must be completed during the Call for Proposals time frame (due by 28 September 2011). Anyone can submit an individual progression topic. We have created partnerships between SIG managers and the Program Advisory Committee to review proposals and build progressions that may cross traditional SIG lines. For example, we are hoping to offer a Contracting, Consulting, and Business Management progression this year.

We hope this approach will enhance our Summit program and give us new ways to group related sessions that would work well as progression topics. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Conference Committee Manager or Program Advisory Committee Manager.