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Associate Fellow Applications Due 17 October

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The nomination period for Associate Fellow is now open!

An STC Associate Fellow is a Senior Member who has been formally recognized by the Society for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication. STC members who have been active in the field of technical communication for at least 15 years and have been Senior Members for at least five years (as of the submission deadline) are eligible to be considered for advancement to the rank of Associate Fellow.

Beginning this year, Senior Members may nominate themselves for Associate Fellow! Please see the Associate Fellow Guidelines on the STC website for details. The website also includes the application, the list of previous honorees, and more. 

We invite all members to nominate colleagues in their communities that they believe deserve the honor of Associate Fellow. Contact Lloyd Tucker to confirm that the member you wish to nominate meets the membership eligibility requirements.

Applications for Fellow are also due 17 October. STC members who have held the rank of Associate Fellow for at least three years are eligible to be considered for advancement to the rank of Fellow. Qualified Associate Fellows will be contacted and invited to present their credentials for review by the Fellows Committee. If you are not contacted and believe you are eligible, please contact Fellows Committee Chair Mary Wise.  

Associate Fellows and Fellows are among the best and brightest in technical communication, and STC looks forward to inducting another group at the 2012 Summit in Chicago-Rosemont, IL.