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Links of Interest, 11 November: DITA, UX, The Simpsons, and More

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If you’re in the middle of analyzing your website, here are six questions Seth Godin suggests you ask.  

Medical, legal, and financial documents should be easy to read, but too often they aren’t, says Sandra Fisher Martins in this video on TED.com, from a TEDx event. See examples and how to change that in this video “The Right to Understand,” in Portuguese with English subtitles.  

Adobe has stopped working on developing Flash for mobile devices, deciding instead to focus on HTML5 in this arena.  

Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium discusses the nuances of whether or not a company should implement DITA.  

Interested in which technical writing schools have the best websites? See grades here.  

Working with designers? Want to do so without killing each other? UXMag shows you how.  

In need of a good laugh? Check out these bar jokes involving grammar and punctuation from McSweeney’s.  

And finally, what can you learn about cloud computing from the Simpsons? ReadWriteCloud tells you.