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STC Announces Endeavor to Encourage Technical Communication to Rhyme

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The Society for Technical Communication announced today a new endeavor to encourage companies and corporations to create technical communication that rhymes. “Rhyming makes everything so much easier to remember,” enthused one Board member. “What’s the first technical communication most of us learn? ‘Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.’ It rhymes and we remember it!”

Calling the program “Rhyming to Remember,” STC released the following comment on the subject:

Tech comm should be there to help
Folks know what’s right to do
So we should make it easier
To remember what is true

When we were young we learned so much
By reading Dr. Seuss
So rhyme when you communicate
There’s really no excuse

For people learn so easily
And retain it so much longer
Just rhyme your words for a good way
To make your tech comm stronger!

To participate in this program or share your thoughts, visit the new Rhyming to Remember section of the STC website.