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A Personal Note from Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger

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While this is a Society blog, occasionally some personal information comes out—as does the personality, I hope. Periodically I share some specific personal information, especially in situations where it may affect STC’s Notebook.

So it’s in this spirit I share the information that, in about a month’s time, there will be a Friendly Neighborhood Blogger Baby Boy! My wife and I are expecting our first child on 26 May.

As it relates to STC’s Notebook, this means that around that time you may see slightly fewer posts for a little bit. I’ll be programming a few basic posts to go up during my absence and other staffers will be pitching in, but if the little one decides to come early there might be a gap in coverage. And after my return to Stately STC Manor, there may be a few typos as I adjust to the lack of sleep. As a general rule, Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger likes his sleep, so I foresee that being the biggest adjustment.

This also means, by the way, that unfortunately I will not be attending the upcoming Summit in Rosemont. With a due date of 26 May, traveling for a conference taking place 20-23 May is not in the cards. So while I was looking forward to another Summit and reconnecting with members I’ve met over the past few years, that will have to wait until Atlanta and the 60th Annual STC Summit (mark your calendars, 5-8 May 2013!).

Thanks in advance for your patience with any gaps, and your understanding with any typos.

  • Hi Kevin,

    As we say in my culture, “be’sha’ah tovah” 🙂

    It’s quite considerate of you to think about the STC and the Notebook at a time like this, and to give everyone a heads-up. Thank you for this, and for all you do. I look forward to catching up with you at the next Summit.

  • Hi Kevin,

    We shall miss you at the Summit this year. Take care of your family, and we’ll see you at the Summit next year when STC hits 60.

  • Umm, you weren’t planning on blogging the delivery, were you?
    Great news (although we’ll miss you at Summit!)

  • Congratulations! No blogging of and definitely no live-streaming of the delivery on Notebook, please!!! 😉

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