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MadCap Software: Translation Innovations

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Today we bring you another guest blog post from MadCap Software, written by Jennifer White, a product evangelist at MadCap.

Whether you are a technical writer sending documentation for translation or a linguist managing the translation, MadCap Software has stepped up to meet your needs.

Last month’s release of MadCap Flare 9 featured an industry first: right-to-left language support for most output types. Flare’s new ability to allow authors to select and write in right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Persian and Arabic is in response to a rapidly expanding translation market.

If you set the language at the project or topic level, Flare’s XML Editor automatically flips everything so that you can type from right-to-left. And for any targets that are set with a right-to-left language, Flare will automatically invert all of your styles, image callouts, and page layouts. (Click the image to download a free trial.) Pretty cool, right?

Well, it only gets cooler:

MadCap Software just released Lingo 7, also featuring right-to-left language support! The seamless integration between Flare and Lingo makes life a lot easier for authors and translators for many, many reasons. Now, not only does Flare handle the right-to-left content that has been translated, but it also automatically inverts style rules, image callouts, page layout settings, and hotspot images.

But that’s not all Lingo 7 has going on. Here’s what else is new:

  • The ability to import Open Office dictionaries for spell checking
  • The ability to import and export Word documents without having Word installed locally.
  • Several enhancements to translation memory features.
  • Faster import and export of TMX files.
  • Faster memory lookup for fuzzy and exact matches.

Get more information about and download a free trial of MadCap Lingo 7 here.

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