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Summit ’13: Academic Research and Education Sessions at the Summit

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Guest post by Pam Brewer

The Program Committee for this year’s STC Summit kept educators in mind during the Summit proposal review process. As we did in last year’s onsite program, we are marking sessions that may be of particular interest to educators and researchers with a small picture of a graduation cap.

Unlike last year, we are identifying sessions that may be of interest to educators more broadly. We identify research projects, skill topics, and trends that might directly affect the teaching strategies of those who prepare students for the field of technical communication. Some of the sessions that will be highlighted for educators include:

  • Editing as an Extreme Sport, with Leah Guren
  • User Assistance, Tech Comm, and Learning, with Nicky Bleiel and Saul Carliner
  • Massive Open Online Learning, with Phylise Banner
  • Staking Your Claim in the Social Media Frontier, with Laura Palmer
  • Technical & Professional Communication: Student Research, with Sally Henschel
  • Teaching & Training with Global Virtual Teams, with Pam Brewer

Many other sessions will also be highlighted for educators, and the overall program is rich in such sessions.

In addition, educators will have ample opportunity to network with other educators and practitioners. The opportunities for enriching the classroom are plentiful. The Academic Special Interest Group (SIG) will hold a business and awards luncheon on either Monday or Tuesday so that educators can further connect with others who are dedicated to connecting their teaching with practice.

From networking to attending the many sessions, educators can better understand the technology being used in industry, become familiar with new and exciting global research, gain insight on current trends, and gather information that will enrich the technical communication classroom.

If you have questions that the Academic SIG might help with, please contact Pam Estes Brewer.