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Spotlight on Membership: Talking with Heather Messick

The 2014 membership season opened on 23 September, and we’re already seeing plenty of renewals as well as a number of new members! Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger looked through the names and picked a few people to talk to about their membership and why they’re a part of STC. Below are a few questions with Heather Messick, one of our first renewing Student members for this year. Keep an eye on STC’s Notebook for more conversations with members!

What’s your name and current position?

Heather Messick, English Department Graduate Teaching Assistant at Missouri State University (MSU) and MSU STC Student Chapter President

It looks like you’ve been a student member for three years now; what keeps you coming back?

As a student, I am not part of the professional sphere just yet, and being a member of STC allows me to connect and stay up-to-date with trends in the industry. I also really enjoy having access to the online publications, archived seminars, and current webinars that STC offers. It gives me a way to see how I can apply my coursework to future endeavors and integrate current trends with my education.

Was there a specific thinking of “I want to join right away for 2014”?

There wasn’t actually, but I was on the website and thought I should get it done earlier rather than later.

What do you think STC has to offer the student population?

STC has a lot to offer students. Not only do we gain access to all the publications (which is really helpful for research), but we also are given an opportunity to connect with technical communicators that are in the field in a variety of positions.

What communities did you join and why?

In addition to the MSU student chapter, I joined the Kansas City Chapter because I am originally from the area and would like to get a position there eventually. I also joined the Scientific Communication SIG because I am interested in the intersection between science and writing and how it can impact the community.

Can you talk a bit about how being an STC member helped you previously and what you’re hoping to get out of it this year?

Being an STC member has most definitely helped during my academic career with research and becoming more aware of how our field is evolving. It also has allowed me to connect with some great individuals through our student chapter. This year, as it is my last year in graduate school, I hope to use STC to network and find a position after graduation.

What STC benefits are you most looking forward to in 2014?

I am still excited to have access to Intercom and Technical Communication, but this year I am most excited about using the job bank and salary database to help get my career started.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Being a member of STC is great! There are many benefits for student members, making this an invaluable resource for anyone getting into the field of technical communication.