MadCap Software: Case Study on Tricentis

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Tricentis provides Web-based Help, tutorial videos, and print documentation for Tosca Testsuite, one of the top test automation tools for software and quality assurance testing, using the MadPak technical communications suite from MadCap Software.

“The nice thing about our Tosca is that it’s quite easy to pick up, and customers don’t have to have a programming background to use it,” notes Stefan Steinbauer, Tricentis head of documentation and translation. “With MadCap’s software, we are able to deliver online Help and documentation that are just as intuitive and easy to use and facilitate our customers’ overall satisfaction in using Tosca Testsuite.”

For years, Tricentis used another software suite to develop its online Help and print documentation, converting CHM files into PDF files. As the company grew, managing this process and system became increasingly time-consuming.

“We were so involved with maintenance work that we couldn’t keep up with the new documentation projects we wanted to do,” Stefan recalled. “We saw in the combined capabilities of the MadPak suite an opportunity to, not just streamline our efforts, but also significantly enhance the user’s experience.”

Since using MadCap Flare, Analyzer, and Mimic for more than a year, Tricentis has realized several benefits, most notably the ability to complete projects in much less time. “After we finished our first year using MadCap, we took a pen and paper and discovered that we saved 520 hours,” Stefan observed. “That’s three project months!”

Together, MadCap Flare and Analyzer have enabled Tricentis to create and publish its online Help and print documentation faster while improving overall quality.

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