Board Meeting Summaries for October and November

Guest post by Alyssa Fox, STC Secretary

The STC Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct business. Following is an overview of what the board discussed in October and November 2013. To see the full summaries, visit the STC website (login required).

The STC board of directors met in October and November to continue Society business and to plan and budget for the upcoming year in 2014.

The membership season for the 2014 year went remarkably well. Membership numbers in the fall were higher than the same time last year, along with education attendance and revenue.

STC continues to increase our partnerships with other associations to drive membership. We have also publicly declared STC support for STEM initiatives through the White House Office of Science and Technology.

The board reviewed and approved the proposed 2014 budget. The board also discussed the current STC mission statement, some possible alternatives, and our focus areas for the future.

The board received the following updates:

  • Chris Hester, 2014 STC Summit Chair, reported on Summit plans. The program committee received over 270 proposals, about 70 more proposals submitted than for the previous year. There is a new track this year, Mobile Content Design and Development.
  • Annette Reilly, STC Standards Council Chair, reported on recent activity of the Standards Council.
  • Aiessa Moyna, STC Nominating Committee Chair, reported on recent activity of the Nominating Committee and presented the preliminary slate for the 2014 election to the board.

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  1. Last time I complained observed that the Board Meeting summaries didn’t contain enough detail to be helpful. These summaries are much more informative. Evidently someone was listening. So, thanks!

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