Upcoming Webinar on 22 January: Staking Your Claim in the Social Media Frontier

Social media and technical communicators are a natural fit and now’s the time to stake your claim on the new digital frontier. Learn about social media roles perfectly suited to your competencies as a technical communicator with the live Web seminar Staking Your Claim in the Social Media Frontier, presented by Laura Palmer on Wednesday, 22 January, from 1:00-2:00 PM EST (GMT-5). Topics to be covered include policy development, audit and assessment, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, risk management, and social media style.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about key roles that leverage your skills and expertise as a technical communicator and position you as a major contributor to your company’s social media efforts.

Why are social media and technical communication a good fit? Ask most companies about social media and they’ll describe how they use Facebook or Twitter to reach their customers. Yet, many organizations can’t discuss how they ensure good governance, sound policy development, and effective oversight because, behind the scenes, social media’s role has never been formalized. What those companies need to know is that you, the technical communicator, can help create sound social media practices, policies, and more.

Your background developing and writing policies means you’re the perfect candidate to formalize your company’s social media guidelines. Your abilities to analyze and synthesize communications can position you to evaluate how social media efforts align with business goals and objectives. Even your work with regulatory compliance and legal guidelines can be adapted to help inform how your company is required to communicate with social media.

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