STC Announces the Departure of Greg Larsen

STC bids farewell to Director of Finance & Administration Greg Larsen, who is moving on to another association in the DC metro area. Greg’s last day at STC will be Friday, 4 April.

Greg Larsen started at STC on 12 January 2011 and has been a helpful presence to the Board, staff, and community leaders since then. “We appreciate Greg’s commitment and service to the Society for the past three years,” said STC CEO Chris Lyons, “and we thank him for all his hard work on our finances and budgets. We wish him well in his new position.”

“I want to thank everyone for being patient with me over the last three years,” said Greg. “Situations and people change and we shouldn’t forget our experiences. They are what make us rich in character. Until we meet again!”

Thank you to Greg for three-plus years of service to the Society, and best of luck in your new position!