Summit ’14: "But It’s a Dry Heat"

Temperatures are soaring in Phoenix, with highs in the 100s on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and highs in the 90s on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. But fear not! Phoenix newbie Rachel Houghton has sent along some tips on beating the heat that she’s used after her move from the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!

Just a reminder for items you can pack to “beat the dry heat” in Phoenix.

  1. If you’ve got a preferred water bottle, bring it. You will be drinking more water than you normally do. (Remember, put it in checked baggage or make sure it’s empty if you bring it through security.)
  2. If you’ve got sensitive skin, fair skin, or you are used to a climate with more moisture, bring both facial and body moisturizing lotion with you. The shock of going from your climate to the Phoenix “it’s a dry heat” climate can be hard on your skin, especially the face.
  3. If you’ve got a wide-brimmed hat, bring it. As funny as you may look with it on, it will save your skin. The heat is direct and strong, and sometimes is the strongest around 5:00 PM in the summer season. The sun doesn’t go down until about 8ish right now, so if you’re going off-site (restaurants, events, etc.), you’ll need it.
  4. Sunblock. Bring it. Use it if you are going outside. Remember, sunblock is most effective when you apply it at least 15 minutes before activity.
  5. Lip balm. Your lips get dried out too.

Be on the lookout for the symptoms of heat exhaustion, especially if you are attending outdoor events or visiting tourist attractions before or after the Summit.

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