At the Summit: Recovering from the Summit Hangover

I’m suffering from the Summit hangover. And I don’t mean a hangover from drinking too much at the Honors Banquet (I didn’t). I’m talking about the “high” you get from seeing so many friends that you only see once a year. There are several posts on my Facebook feed from STC friends who are feeling the same thing, the post-conference depression that settles in after you’ve hugged all your friends goodbye and flown (or driven) home. It’s hard, because you know that unless you attend other conferences or visit other communities, you won’t see many of those friends again until next June at the 2015 Summit.

So how do you combat the letdown you experience after the Summit? Post your pictures, post your memories, tweet your #stcwow moment, and reach out to the new (and old) friends you met this year. Continue the conversation, and soon enough it will be 2015 and we’ll be in Columbus, Ohio!

6 Replies to “At the Summit: Recovering from the Summit Hangover”

  1. I experience conference hangover after every conferences I attend. I find generally difficult to be surrounded by kindred spirits one day and to be brought back to the harsh reality of our everyday grind the next.
    In my personal experience, the post-conference blues settles when, after being pumped and excited by all the new ideas, tools, or best practices I can wait to implement, the feeling slowly dissolved under the repeated assaults of new project requests and looming deadlines.

  2. This was my first STC Summit. It was great to be surrounded by so many professionals who share my concerns about content. I imagine that the charge wears off over time, but hopefully some sparks remain to inspire us all as we segue back to the daily reality of our own situations. Thanks all.

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