From Mashable: "10 Crazy Jobs That Will Exist in the Future"

Late last month the website Mashable put up a blog post titled “10 Crazy Jobs That Will Exist in the Future,” with entries such as “nostalgist” and “rewilder” and “end of life therapist.”

Nestled in the 10, however, were a couple positions that don't need to wait for the future—and really aren't that crazy, either. They're just part of technical communication.

Checking in at number eight in their list is “gamification designer,” a position many STC members already hold. The post explains, “Games make excellent tools for helping people of all ages to learn new skills. The gamification designer will combine game logic with everyday activities, events, services and products to make the world a more playfully challenging place.” Sounds just like a technical communicator.

Then at number 10 is “media remixer,” again something many of our members already do. Says the blog post, “A media remixer takes the job of DJ or VJ to another level by remixing various forms of media into one cohesive new project. These remixers will bring together audio, video, images and augmented reality to create projects ranging from marketing campaigns to wedding entertainment to installation art.”

Apparently when it comes to technical communication, we're doing future jobs today!

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