Happy April Fools day!
  Monday, STC staff transferred distributed coordination of program management to the new STC Operations Center. The suite of modern, integrated technology ties together the association management software, online traffic data, and education learning system with real-time financial transaction data and visual data representations—all on multiple desktop and wall-mounted screens. It is the culmination of two years of planning and development.april fools 2015   The modern system creates new capabilities that improve the ability of STC to tightly control all aspects of the association and improve the membership experience for all.  For instance, now membership staff can visually watch renewals build on global maps and coordinate with communication staff to increase social media or other advertising in that market to drive momentum. Similarly, promotions or discounts can be targeted at particular zip codes or geographies that have lower than expected membership based on historical trends and Bureau of Labor Statistics job classification data. Multiple social media are monitored continuously in the center and coordinated responses can be crafted as issues and trending items flow through STC membership. Additionally, with the new Operations Center, STC has for the first time a visual depiction of all websites within the STC domain.  The enterprise view of the STC online network allows real-time response to threats, gathering of unprecedented amounts of traffic data, and the capability to add additional virtual server capacity to ensure response time for high-traffic events. STC is proud of its new system and appreciates the support of the Board and its members in driving us to the forefront of the association world with this world-class system.

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