STC is pleased to announce that 14 distinguished members have been named Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Society. They will be recognized at the 2016 STC Summit in Anaheim, CA. STC awards the rank of Associate Fellow to Senior Members who have attained distinction in the field of technical communication. The rank of STC Fellow is conferred upon Associate Fellows who have attained such eminence in the field of technical communication that the Board deems them worthy of being singled out as one of the select few who have distinguished the Society and the profession. Congratulations to all the honorees, listed below with the preliminary citation. And thank you to both the Fellows Committee (Larry Kunz, Phylise Banner, John Hedtke, Brenda Huettner) and the Associate Fellows Committee (Brian Lindgren, Lisa Cook, Bill Leavitt, Deanne Levander, Mike Markley, De Murr, Thea Teich, Carolyn Watt).   Associate Fellows Valerie M. Ball Citation: For evoking in others the same passion she brings to the creation and delivery of all communication to maximize impact and comprehension of the intended audience.   Nicoletta A. Bleiel Citation: For sustained and prolific contributions to the profession of technical communication and its practitioners through talks, articles, videos, blog posts, and web seminars, and for exemplary service as a Society leader.   Todd A. DeLuca Citation: For inspirational and enthusiastic leadership within STC at the community and Society levels, for promoting the profession to future technical communicators, and for sharing his knowledge, including the value of volunteerism and community service.   Timothy Esposito Citation: For dedicated leadership in the Philadelphia Metro Chapter, guidance to new technical communicators, and instruction to the Society leaders.   Kim E. Lindsey Citation: For her insightful work in technical communication, for sustained creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation in promoting our profession, and for support the mission of STC and the Northeast Ohio Chapter.   Robert E. Perry Citation: For demonstrated leadership and sharing of technical and professional knowledge, for inspiring many productive technical communication careers, and for significant contributions to the Society.   Fellows Mollye Barrett Citation: For thought leadership in content strategy and management, for advancing the profession by generously sharing her knowledge, and for long, dedicated service to the STC Wisconsin Chapter.   Pam Estes Brewer Citation: For her extensive work with the Academic SIG, for her detailed scholarship, and for building bridges between academia and practitioners.   Russel Keith Hirst Citation: For continuing devotion to his students and STC, for inspiring and mentoring students and colleagues for decades, and for his sustained, tireless dedication to the field.   Rachel Houghton Citation: For tireless devotion to STC at many levels, for her willingness to share her knowledge and take on myriad responsibilities, and for relentlessly promoting and supporting our profession in both print and visual media.   Carolyn Kelley Klinger Citation: For her boundless enthusiasm, her advocacy for STC as the voice of the profession, and her unwavering devotion to recruiting, training, and supporting STC volunteers.   Mike Murray Citation: For mentoring, encouraging, and guiding technical communicators in central Florida; for being instrumental to the success of the Accessibility SIG; and for dedicated leadership at the Society level.   Makarand Pandit Citation: For skill and unflagging energy as he embodied the rise of technical communication in India; for guiding and inspiring a generation of technical communicators.   Marta A. Rauch Citation: For enthusiastically bringing her vast knowledge of new technologies to our Society and to the profession, and for consistently encouraging others with kindness, wisdom, and joy.

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