STC Competitions: Give Us Your Best Work! Deadline is 28 October 2016

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The local competitions are in full swing!  Judges are standing by to review your entries and find the best examples of Technical Communication.

Entries are due Friday, 28 October 2016.

To enter:

  1. Select the local/regional competition closest to you:
  1. Select the category that best describes your entry:
  • Informational Materials: Give the reader information on a technical or scientific topic without a specific call to action. Examples: annual reports, white papers, articles or books explaining a concept or theory, magazines, newsletters, blogs, videos, technical reports, etc.
  • Instructional Materials: Teach a particular set of skills and knowledge. Examples: training videos, elearning modules, tutorials, etc.
  • Promotional Materials: Persuade the reader to take action or promote a technical or scientific product or service. Examples: technical marketing literature, brochures, catalogs, websites, etc.
  • User Support Materials: Assist or support the user in completing a task. Examples: online help, quick start guides, user manuals, augmented reality, video, job aids, technical reference, etc.
  1. Complete the entry form.
  1. Pay the appropriate fee (Note: If you win a Distinguished award at the local level, this fee includes your entry fee for the ISA):
  • Chapter members for the above chapters: $100
  • Other STC Members: $125
  • Non-Members: $175
  • Students: $50
  1. Follow the instructions to submit your entries either electronically or via mail.

All entries receive the judges’ evaluation forms and comments. Winners of the local competitions will be announced once judging is complete (usually by 1 January). Distinguished winners are automatically submitted to the ISA. Excellence award winners may be sent to ISA at the discretion of the competition managers.

ISA winners will be announced in late March and will be honored at the 2017 Summit in Washington, DC.

Show us what you can do!

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