Introducing Two Brand New 2017 Online Courses

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STC is proud to announce two brand new online courses for 2017! These two online courses, “Develop an Online Course: Turning Your Expertise into Content for Self-Publishing or Corporate Support” presented by Bernard Aschwanden and Liz Herman, and “Doing Business with the Government: Preparing Effective Proposals” presented by Sean Stevenson, will kick off the spring season leading up to the 2017 STC Summit.

Bernard’s and Liz’s course, running from 14 March through 18 April 2017 (Tuesdays) from 10:30-11:30 AM EDT (GMT-4), will allow attendees to identify their core audience, write so that it is best geared toward learning, write course outlines that clearly express a title, overview, prerequisites, objectives, learning opportunities, and delivery type; write topics identifying learner objectives, requirements to meet them, and ways to test ideas; and understand who should influence course development, and testing and evaluating materials.

Sean’s course, running from 29 March through 3 May 2017 (Wednesdays) from Noon-1:00 PM EDT (GMT-4), will allow attendees to walk into a proposal at any stage and know what to do. Attendees will also learn the different phases of proposal writing; how writing proposals fits into the broader business development life-cycle; discuss the fundamentals of government acquisition; and how to influence the government to choose your proposal.