Gain an Edge with These Sessions!

By Roger Renteria | Technology and Development Track Manager

Hi, STC Summit Attendees! I am excited to see everyone in Washington, DC in a couple of weeks. In order to help you pick your sessions, I’ve highlighted the following from the Technology and Development track. As track manager, my team and I helped choose some wonderful sessions that offer a wide variety of topics. I hope you enjoy the conference and learn some amazing tips and techniques that you can take home and implement in your workplace.

Section 508: Are You Ready for ADA Compliance Standards?

We all need a refresher on accessibility standards. Coming up in 2018, we will be facing stricter standards for people with disabilities, which for the first time will include all types of organizations. Earl Peters will help you understand the new compliance standards, which will begin about six months from now. Learn how you can prepare your organization for the newest ADA Compliance Standards.

A Tech Writer, A Map, an App

As technical writers, some of us may shy away from creating our own apps. We know creating an app is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! Sarah Maddox will help guide us in learning how to create an app. As a speaker who has presented many times at STC Summits, Sarah will show us how easy it is to put ourselves on the edge and take the jump to easily create an app!

Creating a Free Intranet using Drupal

You can’t beat free, and if you have limited budget funding, creating an intranet that your organization can use will help you collaborate with your co-workers. Kelly Simon will share with us a case study about how two technical writers and a systems administrator designed and built an intranet using internal resources. Her presentation showcases how we can gain the edge using free tools and without spending too much money to implement a system for internal corporate communication.

User Experience Strategies for Winning API Documentation

API is still hot, and while we’ve showcased API documentation at past Summits, this presentation takes a different approach: the user experience. A question that pops up a lot is “How can we make API documentation better for our users?” Eric Cressey will share practical advice for working with API documentation teams and tips for creating a great user experience.

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