The Language of Localization, the latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, will be released today, November 1, 2017.  Edited by STC Fellow and former President Kit Brown-Hoekstra, this book is sure to be of interest to STC members involved in localization and content strategy. Visit for details and to purchase. From the press release:
The Language of Localization defines 52 terms that every business professional should know, even professionals who do not specialize in localization. In a global market, every business person needs to understand the importance of localization and be able to speak intelligently with localization professionals. Each term was authored by an expert practitioner who provided a short definition, a statement of why that term is important, and an essay that explains why a business professional should understand the term. The Language of Localization covers everything from basic terms, such as translation, to the latest concepts, such as augmented translation and machine translation. In addition there are short definitions of 70 business, linguistics, and standards terms. For those who want to dig deeper, there are more than 150 references for further exploration.

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