Make the most of your membership by beefing up your education report card. This week, we’ve got a great free member-only webinar to help you make the most effective move to DITA.

This week:

Many companies have undertaken or are considering a move to DITA in order to improve their technical documentation processes. However, any significant process change involves risk. Not to worry, though—there are proven methods to make the transition to DITA easier. Keith Schengili-Roberts will break the process down in this week’s FREE member-only sponsored webinar: DITA Change Management Tips: How to Make the Move to DITA Easier. This webinar is Wednesday, 15 November, at 2:00 PM EST (GMT-5). 

Recorded Webinars:

If you’ve missed a webinar, don’t worry! Recordings of all STC webinars from 2017 through the spring are available for purchase. Use this link to access the STC store and browse our recorded webinars:


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