STC is considering starting a special interest group (SIG) for Technical Communication in Health and Medicine (TC-HMC). Before opening this SIG for membership, STC needs to confirm a minimum number of STC members who will support and participate in the SIG. If you would be interested in joining this SIG, please add your name to the online interest form by 17 August 2018. The focus of the SIG will be to provide members with information on trends, practices, and resources for applying technical communication skills and practices in health and medical settings and for different audiences using health and medical products or information. The SIG proposes to provide its members with information and resources on how to apply technical communication skills and knowledge in different health and medical contexts so they may successfully participate in and contribute to such contexts. Specifically, the SIG will provide members with:
  • Resources for learning more about working in health or medical contexts (for individuals new to such situations)
  • Updates (e.g., social media updates) and materials (e.g., webinars) for remaining current in trends and practices affecting communication practices in health and medical contexts (for individuals already working in this area)
  • Information on events (e.g., conferences) and activities (e.g., training sessions) focusing on communication practices in health and medical contexts (for all members)
  • Summaries of different policies governing health and medical communication practices and different agencies that regulate such practices
This range of information will allow members with different levels of familiarity of the topic to apply their technical communication skills effectively in different health and medical contexts. If you are interested in joining this SIG please add your name to the online interest form  by 17 August 2018.  

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