By Nicky Bleiel and Cindy Currie | 2019 Summit Conference Co-Chair

Have you wondered, “What's all the fuss about this Design Thinking thing, anyway?”

Then you need this full-day workshop at the 2019 STC Technical Communication Summit & Expo on Saturday, 5 May in Denver, Colorado: Creating the Right Solutions for Real Audience Problems Using Design Thinking with Andrea Ames.

Although it sounds like something that only designers could or should care about, it’s a problem-solving framework for everyone! If you’ve got a challenge, Design Thinking is an excellent approach to finding the very best solution. In this full-day, hands-on, experiential workshop, Andrea will facilitate participants to operate as a single team and identify one or more solutions to a fun challenge area that will be relevant to all. We’ll go low-tech with flip-chart paper and sticky notes to take advantage of the face-to-face opportunity, but Andrea will discuss the best ways for geographically distributed teams to get the most from the process using online tools. You will participate in identifying solutions for a real-world challenge, and you will learn:

– The Design Thinking framework for solving nearly any kind of problem.
– Several key methods that can be used within the framework to quickly bring the team harmoniously to the very best solutions while ensuring that all team members contribute.
– Andrea’s tried and true facilitation tips so that you can bring this methodology back to work and facilitate a successful workshop immediately.

And even better, this workshop is 50 percent off the regular full-day preconference workshop rate.

For more information see Preconference Workshops.

Full workshop description here. Full Schedule.


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