The Tools and Technologies track at this year’s STC Technical Communication Summit & Expo, 5-8 May in Denver, Colorado features presentations and demonstrations of tools and technologies used to develop or improve your information deliverables, as well as techniques and approaches for working with and documenting new technologies.

The Track Manager is Alan Houser, technical publishing consultant and trainer.

Session highlights:

– Introduction to API Documentation, Tom Johnson

– Voice of Customer Tools That Help to Deliver Awesome Product Instructions, Michael Hall

– Analytics Can Change Your World, David Payne

– Markdown, HTML5, XML in Tech Comm Workflows: Introducing Lightweight DITA, Carlos Evia

– Docs as Code and DITA, George Bina

– Website Search with Apache Solr, Scott Prentice

– Tech Comm 2.0: Inventing, Selling, Implementing a Better Way to Work, Bobbi Werner

– Developing Training Websites with (Mostly) Open-Source Tools, Gretyl Kinsey

– Mastering Your Website 101, Tim Esposito

– Expanding Your Toolbox to Make Yourself a More Productive Editor, Kelly Schrank

– You Already Know What Structured Authoring Is, and I Can Prove It!, Tom Magliery

– Documentation Strategy for Open Source Projects, Shavindri Dissanayake

– Facebook Polling as a User Research Tool, Clinton Lanier

– Automated Release Notes, Michael Winslow

– Maintaining a Healthy DITA Project, Radu Coravu

– Intro to S1000D: Authoring to Support the Civil Aviation and Defense Industries, Andre Evans

See full session descriptions here.

Learn about all the speakers here


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