The Training Development and Delivery track at this year’s Technical Communication Summit & Expo, 5-8 May in Denver, Colorado, features sessions on the training industry as a whole, including synchronous onsite and online classes and the creation of effective eLearning. Presentations cover the tools, tactics, strategies, and techniques needed to deliver robust courses that enhance the learner experience no matter the pedagogy.

The Track Manager, Kevin Siegel, is a leader in this field.

Featured sessions:

– Teaching Online: Tips, Tricks, Techniques for Engaging Virtual Learners, Kevin Siegel

– xAPI: Geek Free Introduction for Instructional Designers, Megan Torrence

– The Human Touch: Bringing Instructor Presence into eLearning, Julia Cho

– eLearning: Creating Virtual Reality Projects with Adobe Captivate, Kevin Siegel

– Visual Media: Crossing Paths with Technical Publications, Keith Kamikawa

– Engineering Better Training Experiences Through Innovative Presentation Techniques and Technologies, Chuck Campbell

– Just-in-Time (JIT) Training, Aaron Murray

– More Lessons Learned: What Harry Potter Professors Teach Us About Instructional Design, Jamye Sagan

– Documented Disconnect: Gender Bias in Onboarding Technical Documents, William Hart

See full session descriptions here.

Learn about all the speakers here.


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