STC is pleased to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Most Improved Community and Community of the Year awards. The winners were announced at the Honors Event on 7 May at the 2019 Technical Communication Summit & Expo.

The winner of the Most Improved Community Award is the Central New York Chapter!

The citation reads: For your tenacious perseverance and dedication to growing your chapter. The STC Central New York Chapter demonstrates how the passion of its leaders can create a thriving community using new resources to reach out to new potential members. 

Congratulations to the Central New York Chapter and its members!

The winner of the Community of the Year Award is the Rochester Chapter!

The citation reads: For a remarkable year containing excellent programs, outreach across communities, and your stellar Spectrum conference. STC Rochester exemplifies a successful, dynamic STC community that embraces education, communication, and collaboration.

Congratulations to the Rochester Chapter and its members, and we thank all of the communities for their efforts this year.


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