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New this week:
In a live panel discussion, Paul Perrotta (consultant, formerly Senior Director, Juniper Networks), Kathryn Showers (Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment), and Kim Mazur (consultant, formerly Vice President at ADP) will join Toni to discuss their experiences participating on and leading teams and collaborative projects. The panel discussion takes place on Thursday, 20 June at 1:00 PM EST.
Topics will include:
  • Common team/collaboration scenarios in techcomm
  • Picking the best team structure and ways of working
  • Unifying and inspiring teams
  • Leveraging the unique leadership traits of all team members
  • The role of diversity in teams and collaboration
  • Tips for working on or leading distributed teams
In case you missed it:
We all can have more influence within the various teams we are members of. In fact, the value of teams and other collaborative enterprises relies on understanding and leveraging the diverse strengths of the individuals. In high-performing teams, all team members exhibit leadership. In last week’s STC Roundtable, we looked at several assessments and tools that can be used to identify and then leverage the various strengths of team members.

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