Call for Candidates for the 2020 STC Election

Are you interested in serving STC in an elected office? Do you know someone who would be a perfect candidate? If so, the Nominating Committee wants to hear from you. We currently are seeking candidates to run in the 2020 STC election for the following roles on the STC Board of Directors and Nominating Committee:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Director (two positions)
  • Nominating Committee Member (two positions)

All candidates must have at least one year of STC membership at time of consideration. For more information about each position, see the STC 2020 Election page (

Serving as an STC board member is a chance to leverage professional skills to lead a not-for-profit organization and to help ensure that the Society continues providing members with strong opportunities and services. Candidates should be experienced working at a strategic level, comfortable making decisions collaboratively, and focused on outcomes.

Serving on the Nominating Committee provides an opportunity to help shape the future of the Society by identifying leaders to run for elected office. Candidates for the Nominating Committee should have an extensive network of STC members across the Society, be good judges of character and leadership potential, and have a solid understanding of how the Board works to lead STC’s strategy.

To recommend yourself or a colleague for any open role, contact Nominating Committee Chair Jane Wilson ( no later than 30 August 2019.

Note that members who are recommended by others do not automatically become candidates. Once the forms are received, the Nominating Committee will contact all prospects to confirm their interest. Once confirmed, interested prospects will complete a screening process that will help the committee determine the preliminary and final slates for the 2020 election.

Thank you from your 2019-2020 Nominating Committee:

Jackie Damrau
MaryKay Grueneberg
Li-At Rathbun
Kelly Schrank
Jane Wilson

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