It’s Time to Subscribe to August’s STC Roundtable: Content Measurement and Intelligence

Have you been enjoying the past several months of Roundtable for free? It’s time to officially subscribe for access in August! For a limited time, STC is offering a special Founders’ Roundtable subscription for an annual fee of only $350, giving you access to content worth more than $1,500. Roundtable provides ongoing professional development in the form of fresh, high-quality content for 12 months on topics relevant to technical communicators and curated by well-known experts. View one month of free Roundtable content here:
The Founders’ Rate will be available for a limited time only. However, you will lock in this special rate as long as you maintain your Roundtable subscription, even after the price goes up for everyone else. Sign up today!
This month:
August’s Roundtable theme is Content Measurement and Intelligence, curated by Colleen Jones, Founder of Content Science, a content strategy and intelligence firm. Does our content make a difference? We all face that question sooner or later. The good news is we can answer that question faster, easier, and with more confidence now than ever before. The catch? Measuring content requires time and effort up front to set up a system called “content intelligence.” August’s Roundtable will help you use such a system to measure your content’s impact to inform content decisions and show its value.

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