STC Roundtable Panel Discussion: To Content Measurement, Intelligence, and Beyond

Have you been enjoying the past several months of Roundtable for free? It’s time to officially subscribe before your free access ends! For a limited time, STC is offering a special Founders’ Roundtable subscription for an annual fee of only $350, giving you access to content worth more than $1,500. Roundtable provides ongoing professional development in the form of fresh, high-quality content for 12 months on topics relevant to technical communicators and curated by well-known experts.

We have a great example of that content coming up this Thursday, 22 August, at 1:00–2:30 PM EDT (GMT-4): a panel discussion called To Content Measurement, Intelligence, and Beyond, hosted by Colleen Jones.

If you have experienced highs and lows in measuring content, you’re not alone. This panel discussion will reveal the challenges, opportunities, and successes different content leaders have experienced as they take measuring content from a nice idea to reality. We’ll discuss issues such as:

  • Being data rich and content insight poor
  • Making the case for measuring content
  • How measuring content makes a difference to governance
  • Methods and tools for measuring content and assembling content intelligence

The session will offer moderated discussion interspersed with brief panelist presentations. The panel includes Susanna Guzman from Wolters Kluwer Health, Sally Lane from Home Depot, and Tizzy Asher from Expedia. And, of course, your questions will be welcome. Don’t miss it!

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