STC's geographic chapters and special interest groups make up a rich and crucial part of STC's history and future. STC Rochester, one of the Society's oldest and most decorated chapters, maintains an archive of the chapter's newsletter, Proof Sheet. This archive offers an incredible glimpse into the past of the chapter, STC, and the technical communication profession.

What's more, the chapter recently compiled a PDF history of the chapter, which offers invaluable insights into the evolution of techcomm and the Society. Did you know that STC Rochester became a part of the Society in 1958, when STC was still called the Society of Technical Writers and Editors (STWE)? What an incredible run for STC and the Rochester Chapter! You can find the PDF by clicking this link:

But the Rochester Chapter (and STC) is also looking to the future. They won the 2019 STC Community of the Year Award at the 2019 STC Summit in Denver, CO, for their 2018 calendar year. Their SPECTRUM Conference continues to be one of the most robust regional STC conferences. We can't wait to see what they have planned for 2020 and beyond!



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