Meet the Candidates: Timothy Esposito for Secretary

This entry is being posted on behalf of Timothy Esposito, candidate for Secretary in the 2020 STC election.

My name is Timothy Esposito, and I am running for Society Secretary.


Over the years, I have held many roles with STC, both for the Philadelphia Metro Chapter and for the Society itself. At the chapter level, I have served in every role, including president and acting secretary. While I was president of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter, we were awarded Community of the Year. For the Society, I have chaired the Community Achievement Award Committee, the Distinguished Community Services Award Committee, and the Associate Fellow Committee. Meanwhile I worked on the Community Affairs Committee, the Scholarship Committee, the Budget Review Committee, Summit Committee, and the Intercom Awards Committee. So why do I want to join the STC board as Secretary?

I am running for Society Secretary because I want to:

  • Apply leadership skills I developed with STC to help guide the Society itself.
  • Support the Society as it grows, evolves, and continues to set the standards in our industry.
  • Use my organizational skills to make the Board and the Society run smoothly.

Please consider me for secretary because I am:

  • Hard working.
  • Highly organized.
  • Comfortable working in diverse communities and remote teams.
  • Invested in balancing the needs of communities and the Society to provide the best possible outcome for both STC and STC members. My attention to detail and organizational skills will assist the Society and its members.

If elected Society secretary, I will serve honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability.

Timothy Esposito, STC Fellow
STC Election 2020 Candidate for Secretary

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