Meet the Candidates: Roger Renteria for Nominating Committee

This entry is being posted on behalf of Roger Renteria, candidate for Nominating Committee in the 2020 STC election.

Roger Renteria

Hi STC Members, my name is Roger Renteria and below is my candidate statement. Feel free to view my STC Election Slate profile page to learn about my experience.

You deserve a candidate for Nominating Committee (NomComm) who is knowledgeable about the Society, the field of Technical Communication, and related domains; and understands the current issues the Society faces. For example, I meet many professionals who perform a majority of tasks, roles, and responsibilities found in the field of technical communication, yet may not consider themselves a technical communicator or similar. How do you include those colleagues into the diverse ecosystem of technical communication and invite them to actively participate in the profession? Leadership is one of many avenues where I can see how a colleague can contribute their expertise to elevate our field.

Professional Education

I’ve been enhancing my knowledge of our field by continuing my education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication. There are many aspects of technical communication that make our field quite unique and at the same time quite complex. As we continue evolving in our field, communicating complex thoughts or difficult to express ideas to others while using sophisticated methods, I understand how each part can contribute to making the whole.

Related Professional Experience

In my career, I am frequently invited by my supervisors to participate in hiring committees because they value my contributions while vetting candidates and making recommendations. This hard work has resulted in hiring high-quality employees. I would like to use my hiring committee experience to help the Society.

Support for the Society

I would like to be your next NomComm member to help enhance the Society and further develop professionals I meet to the next level in their career. I am running to recruit and assist in selecting a set of inspiring and dedicated leaders for the Society. I support uplifting my colleagues into areas where I think they can advance and make meaningful impact professionally and for the Society. I would be greatly honored to help the Society as a Nominating Committee member.

Connect With Me

If you have any questions or thoughts, I am happy to hear from you. Email me at, leave a comment on the STC 2020 Election forum, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thank you,


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